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AI in Precision Livestock Farming to improve Animal Health, Animal Welfare and Food Traceability

Farm4Trade Technology

Innovative product, service and process we’ve developed are closely linked to the goal of sustainable development, by reducing the impact of our production modes on the environment, achieving a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources.

Multi-domain application of proprietary technologies and AI solutions (CNNs reuse).
Customizable for different market and user needs.
Data exploitation
Cross-sectional analysis of crowd-sourced data for market researches and statistics.

Systems for Collecting Animal Data Need Innovation

The zootechnical industry must take a leap from fragmented activities to an integrated system for data collection, analysis and sharing, to monitor and innovate multiple aspects along the supply chain.


Lack of accessible and affordable animal management tool system for better productivity and traceability.


Lack of low cost and dependable animal ID system to manage georeferenced livestock data.


Questionable meat standards due to dated and flawed Abattoir inspection processes.

Integrated Productivity Solutions with Data Collection

Highly scalable and modular solutions that adapt to multiple touchpoints in the global food system and livestock supply chains

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Photo Animal IDentification

Contactless biometric Photo AI re-IDentification for animals, it is the new frontier for animal identification.

Government registers

Automatic Detection of Abattoir Lesions

allows accurate and low-cost meat inspection

Large abattoirs

Read DOP

Automated system for the verification of tattoos on livestock.

Large abattoirs

Collection and Management of Big Data

Track animal data, improve animal health and productive performance.

Large abattoirs
Pharmaceutical companies

Fully Integrated App Collection

Digital traceability & productivity platform across the full livestock value chain ecosystem: from breeding to production, from sale to transport including the slaughterhouse.

Free plan
Pro subscription
Long term
Data collection
Multi - device
Offline mode
Multi specie
Multi - user

Taking Livestock Data Analysis Forward with Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence, it is possible to monitor economic and productive trends, assess costs and improve business performance on farms, in abattoirs or at a sanitary level.

Productivity Solutions Key Benefits

Farms & Staff

Better and more efficient farm management activities. Solid and easy to use data tracking and keeping systems. Better use and organization of resources on the farm.


Data exchange with strategic touchpoints along the supply chain. Measurable instruments to improve public and animal health, resource utilisation, compliance to food laws.

Abattoirs & Staff

Empowerment of the abattoir as a crucial checkpoint to control farm animals’ health and to assess measures to reduce the use of antibiotics and improve livestock welfare and thus food safety.


Greater confidence in food safety and improved awareness on productive quality standards in regards to sustainability and animal welfare.


Change the Future with Us!

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