Transforming Namibia's Rangelands for Sustainable Agriculture and Ecosystem Management

Reviving ecosystems and securing food: Together, let's combat land degradation, overgrazing, and climate challenges. Empowering farmers with data-driven solutions for sustainable land management.

Unlocking Data for Sustainable Management

Introducing EO‐NARM (Earth Observation for Namibia Rangeland Mapping) : Our groundbreaking project merges remote sensing technology and field data to empower Namibian farmers. Gain insights into vegetation, carrying capacity, bush encroachment and more, to optimize land management strategies and enhance overall rangeland health.

A Dynamic Partnership for Lasting Impact on Sustainable Agriculture

EO‐NARM brings together a diverse group of participants committed to sustainable agriculture and ecosystem management in Namibia. Farm4trade Namibia led the project and coordinated field activities, data collection, and analysis. The project involves the following key partners:

Coordinating field-based projects and establishing relationships, thereby facilitating the dissemination of information.
Engaging in research, capacity building, and providing expertise in rangeland management.
Providing supervision and expertise in the final report submission.
Conducting training sessions for field staff and enumerators.

Revolutionizing Agricultural Insights Across Namibia

From ecoregions to data-driven predictions, our project brings together 20 diverse areas. We monitor, model, and empower, creating a game-changing dataset for farmers, universities, institutions, and government agencies.

Actionable Insights: Satellite & Field Data Integration

EO-NARM project unites satellite imagery and ground-level data, revealing valuable insights. Local experts collaborate to georeference and annotate images, capturing vegetation details, plant species, perennial and seasonal plant estimates, dominant plant species, grazing or browsing pressure and livestock density.

Empowering Rangeland Management for Lasting Change

EO-NARM project goes beyond challenges, transforming land management. Collaborative data collection benefits farmers, institutions, and agencies, fostering informed decisions. Together, we enhance ecosystem health, reduce erosion, and ensure food security in Namibia.

Lacuna fund awarded the project

The project was awarded under the call “Labeled Agricultural Datasets for Machine Learning Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa”, through Lacuna Fund, an Institution that supports equitably labeled datasets for machine learning tools of high social value in low and middle income contexts globally.

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