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What is the Farm4Trade App Suite Tools used for?

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It is a system for the data collection and management of the whole supply chain: from the breeding to the production and from the trade to the transport of the animals. The products are designed for small and large breeders of productive livestock (mainly for cattle), in order to provide them complete and integrated tools for the registration of the animals and managing the roles within the farm or company. Farm4Trade offers to the breeders from all over the world, to have access to several functions, such as:   

  • registration of  productive, sanitary and genealogical data of the animals
  • allocation of tasks to internal staff and  external parties, with the possibility to check active of one or more breedings at the same time using a single account
  • create a match between breeders and transport companies involved in the carriage of live animals
  • the option to take picture of the animals and combine these pictures with the data
  • buy and sell animals, with the advantage of transferring the animal’s historical data.

The system developed by Farm4Trade also contains a wide range of specific functionalities that can extend to external third parties by invitation

Here we provide some example:

  • Veterinarians: may manage the sanitary data of registered animals at multiple companies at the same time, using a single account.
  • Nutritionists:  are disposed toa special section concerning only the animal’s diet. From this section nutritionists may create individual diets for a single or a group of  animals. As with vets, nutritionists may manage their activities in different breedings with a single Farm4Trade account.
  • Transporters:  may offer their transportation service of animals to new clients, to maximize load efficiency and reduce empty space in vehicles.
  • Animal enthusiasts : may create a visual catalog of their animals, and associate it with the animal data in the app suite.

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