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What is Farm4Trade?

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Farm4Trade develops technological solutions for breeders, public and private institutions practicing livestock farming. It aims to offer advantages and benefits thanks to modern management and data collection technologies.

Farm4Trade has implemented a platform system with a range of perfectly integrated products. The system ensures the data management and collection of the whole supply chain, from the breeding to the production and from the trade to the transport of animals.

The products available at this moment are:

Farm Management
A management tool that facilitates the registration and identification of livestock,thanks to data capture (productivity, sanitary and genealogical data).

Through this system of data collection and management, Farm4Trade offers breeders instruments for automating decisions and the improvement of production capabilities, thanks to robust data control.

Snap Animal
“A visual” register of the own animals, with an age basis.

The acquisition of pictures and video allows the identification and the re-identification, using a system based on the AI technology for the patented biometric recognition.  

A  truck pooling  platform to match opportunities for live animal transportation between breeders and transport companies.

This animal transport logistics system proposes  matches between request and offers, easily and effectively. A map view permits visibility to locate both requests and the available means of transport.

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