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What is Farm Management?

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Farm Management is a tool designed for farmers and breeders to better manage livestock, increase productive performances helping them to understand and improve productive strategies and company organization.

With both the app and the web version of the management tool, you may:

  1. Identify and register the animals with all the informations related to their management and genealogy; in particular you may register weight, milk production, vaccines and medical treatment, pregnancy test and inseminations, feed and more
  2. Update the data related to the productive performance constantly;
  3. Register and manage all the information related to the health status of the animals;
  4. Take advantages from statistics that the application will automatically elaborate thanks the data you have previously  entered.

The Farm Management combines reliability, security and a high-speed connection with any kind of network. In addition, it works also without internet. You can use the app offline and synchronize all the informations once an internet connection will be available.

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