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What do I get with a free Farm4Trade account?

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By creating a  FREE Farm4Trade account, you will have access to all the standard features of the app suite.

Registering to the FREE version you may use many services that Farm4Trade will offer you for free [forever!], in order to help you to make more aware decision for the management of your activities.  

With a free Farm4trade account you will have access to the three products already available on the market:

  1. Farm Management: management tool for the breeding to register and identify your animals gestionale d’allevamento per registrare ed identificare i tuoi animali
  2. Snap Animal: app that allows you to create a photographic report of your animals and to associate them to their basic information  
  3. Amove: application for the transport of the animals.

Do you want to obtain more functions? Switch to the PRO version and  find out how to receive full benefit from Farm4Trade.

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