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The basics

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In order to use Farm4Trade you will have to create an account that will allow you to have a free access to 3 different products.

  1. Farm Management
  2. Snap Animal
  3. Amove

Farm Management

is an animal breeding productivity management tool This tool helps you to understand and improve the production strategies and the corporate structure.

The product offers a dual function of use:

  1. An app dedicated to mobile devices (smartphone e tablet) that works also in offline mode;
  2. A browser based web version that is directly accessible from a computer with an internet connection, without the need to install a program.

With both the app and the web version, you may:

  • Identify and register the animals with all the informations related to their management and genealogy;
  • Update the data related to the productive performance constantly;
  • Register and manage all the information related to the health status of the animals;
  • Enter and analyse the animal’s data through our reporting and statistical systems that are customizable.

The features of the product do not end here, For more details visit the section product.

Snap Animal

It is a visual animal register that allows breeders and animal enthusiasts  to create a personal photographic catalog of their own animals.Snap Animal isperfectly integrated with Farm Management, by allowing you to take pictures or videos of your animals and to enter their biographical data directly in the app. The synchronization of the pictures with the data and vice versa, may be carried out even at a later stage.

It is an essential app to input  high quality photos and videos and at the same time combine these visuals with the animal’s data profile. Here a list of some product’s features:

  • Integrated flash;
  • Zoom;
  • Multi Shot function;
  • Image counter;
  • Option to edit images inside the app, without leaving.;

The features of the product do not end here, to learn more visit the section product.


It is an application for both web and mobile that  enables animal transporters to offer unused transport space on their routes, to those seeking animal carriage. The application facilitates finding transport for live animals and reduces transportation costs for both parties, thanks to the pooling of resources.

Amove allows to:


  • to offer their transport service while recovering some costs that may occur riding with a vehicle completely empty (or half empty);
  • to find new client using smart technologies;


  • to save money (especially those with limited financial resources) and to penetrated new market that otherwise would be inaccessible due to the high transport cost;
  • to enlarge their network of  “partners” for potential future ride share opportunities for live animals. The app empowers breeders by providing alternatives to high cost and  large scale transporters.The features of the product do not end there, for more details visit the section product.

In order to explore all the functionalities of the above mentioned products you are interested in, it is necessary to create a Farm4Trade account on the web-based platform.If you are not registered yet, please fill the quick registration form, where we will ask you only the necessary informations to respect Privacy Laws.

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