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Amove is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) which is a web application that load like a regular browser but can offer the customers advanced functionalities such as notifications, localization and so on. Its features makes it “look and feel” like a native  application.

Among all the advantages of a PWA, we can define 5 as the most important ones:

  • The biggest benefit is that it does not require you to log into an app store and acquire the app. Instead, you can just get the app straight through the internet.
  • It doesn’t take up storage on your device.
  • Fast loading page.
  • Send notifications.
  • It runs on any operating system.

NOTE: Check the application’s requirements to make sure your system is compatible.


Amove is not supported by devices with an Android version below 4.1. We only provide limited support to tablet users.

iPhone (iOS)

To use Amove you need at least iOS 9 to run smoothly. Better yet, we recommend upgrading your device to iOS latest version if possible. We only provide limited support to iPad users, while iPod is not supported at all. 

Learn how to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iOS.

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