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You can download the app on all the mobile devices and tablet in addition to the web version that is designed to operate on all types of computer. To control if your systems are compatible check our system requirements.


Can I reproduce on different devices at the same time?Posso riprodurre su diversi dispositivi contemporaneamente?

You can use the Farm Management, with the same account, only on one device at once. If you start the management on another device, the reproduction on the original ones is suspended.

By contrast if you have a PRO account, the multi-user function, allows to all the members of your staff to manage its own farm’s activities at the same time. Moreover, your “owner account” allows you to monitor tasks and duties performed by your staff on the platform, with the possibility to receive notifications regarding each update.



You can access to the management for productive livestock by clicking on this link from any browser. Download or install any type of program is not necessary, you just need of a good internet connection.

Farm Management Web is not another Farm Management App account.

When you are using a Farm4Trade account on the computer or on the phone, you are simply accessing to the same account but with two different devices.

All the information registered is completely synchronized between the phone and the computer and is possible to see on both the devices all the details, statistics and report. Each actions taken on the phone will be transferred also on the Farm4Trade Web and vice versa. Obviously, to allow the synchronization the App Mobile, that works also in OFFLINE mode, needs to have an internet connection.

More information about the OFFLINE use of the APP

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Farm4Trade offers the possibility to manage your farm wherever you are.

The app download is completely free and there are no cost for the basic functions.

Once the app is downloaded, you have to fill the fast registration form, where only the strictly necessary information to respect our privacy law is required.



Farm4Trade supports all the Android phones that have installed the version Android 4.1 or successive ones.

At the moment we provide only limited support for the users on tablet.

For more information on the devices supported: iPhone


iPhone (iOS)

Farm4Trade for iPhone requires the version iOS 9 or successive ones. To deliver a better user experience we suggest you to install the most recent iOS version available for your phone.

At this moment we provide only a limited support for the iPad users. The iPod device is not supported.


Read the article of the Apple support to discover how update the software of your iPhone.

For more information about the devices supported: Android

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