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The subscription to the PRO version is the best way to benefit from all the services offered by Farm4Trade. In addition to all the functions offered for the FREE version, the PRO subscription allows you the use of the following advanced features:


  • Sex and age of the animals divided by species and race
  • Pregnant female divided by species and race femmine rimaste incinta per ogni specie e razza
  • Numbers of calves born, divided by species and race
  • Numbers of animals with an appropriate age for weaning, with the indication for instance, of the animals ready to be sold.
  • Weaning age measured in days which is the average of the animal growing speed and how long they may leave without the mother. of the animal growing speed and how Average weight of the newborn with information on the quality of the bulls and the capacity of the cows to give birth to bigger calf
  • Average age of cows that give birth to new calves, providing indications about the age of the herd and if the substitution of older animals is necessary.
  • Cow’s conditions with information about the state of health and the feeding of the farm’s  animals.


  • multi-user system
  • multifarm system


50 GB of image and video storage for Snap Animal

to have unlimited access to all the features of the applications, upgrade to the PRO version. The switch to the Pro version is very easy. ou may test the PRO version without any cost, just following these steps:

  1. Create a Farm4Trade account if you are not registered yet.
  2. Enter to the page Account  and click on Plans
  3. Click on PRO Version

Enter the payment data and click Go to PRO

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