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Create a new herd

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Follow these steps to create a new herd:

From the home page, click on Add a new herd.

App Android
Click on the Home page icon , click on and select the tab on the up right, Herd.

App iOS
Click on the home page icon , click on and select Herd in the down right of the page.

Now you can add all the information about your animals (the same applies for all devices) filling all the mandatory fields.

  • Species [mandatory]
  • Breed [optional]
  • Group [optional]
  • Stable [optional]
  • Father [optional]
  • Mother [optional]
  • Number of male [optional]
  • Number of female [optional]
  • Number of animals [mandatory]
  • Id number [mandatory] *
  • Birthday [optional]
  • Origin [optional]
  • Status [optional]

NB: The system will ask you to assign an ID number to the herd. This number will temporary replace the animal ID number with a progressive number , which will contain also the sex of the animal (ex: if using the code 000, the system will assign these codes 000_M_0, 000_F_0, 000_M_1, 000_F_1 where M stands for male and F stands for female).
Once the herd is created, you can change the ID number of each animal.

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