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Add photos to your animals profiles on Farm Management

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Upload Animal Pictures in your Farm Management Account and get ready for great news!

Here you can find some useful information on how to shoot suitable animal pictures and how to add them to your Farm Management account.


Why is it important to add photos to your animals’ profiles?

As Farm4Trade we are developing an Artificial Intelligence biometric animal identification system that will allow you to identify your animals with your smartphone camera and promptly access all the information that you keep on each one of them on the Farm management App.

Soon with the Farm Management App and you will effortly have an identification system and the data keeping tool at your fingertips!


How to take the perfect picture


  1. You don’t need professional equipment, your smartphone should be good enough.
  2. Stay close to the animal and use the zoom if necessary. You need to catch his head only and as few background elements as possible.
  3. Make sure your animal is comfortable and calm so he won’t move hectically during the photoshooting.
  4. The animal should be still, and so should your hand!
  5. Consider using a camera stick so the camera won’t move or tremble.
  6. Use the autofocus function of your camera to shoot a nice close-up.
  7. Take pictures in good light conditions.
  8. For the lateral view photos you may need an assistant or something to help you distract the animal and make him look in the right direction, not at you.
  9. Keep only the best pictures and upload them in the Farm Management App.

We recommend you upload at least 8 good pictures for each animal!

Front view



Lateral View (right and left)



Uploading Pictures

First of all, log in the Farm Management App 


Then you will see the homepage of your account with your animals’ list:


Click on the animal profile you want to upload your picture into.


Now that you have opened the animal’s profile, select the “photo” tab from the upper tabs menu.


Open the “photo” tab and start uploading your pictures.


Once you have uploaded the photo, you will see an Image Preview and choose whether to save it or change it.

Click “Save” and you will have the images correctly uploaded to your animal’s profile!

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