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How small scale farmers will help us to preserve the planet?

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 Modern agriculture is not sustainable in the long term and won’t be able to guarantee food security to everybody in the future. Even Mrs. Elver (UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food) in her first public speech highlighted the need of “agricultural democracy” where small rural farmers must play a role in the game. Small scale farmers have indeed the knowledge and the practice of using ecological cycles, that are economically valid and environmentally sustainable.

This kind of agriculture is good even for human health. It does not only focus on economy, but it respects and takes into account the environment. As a small scale farmer, you have the possibility to produce plants, animals and food in a natural way. This can be named as biodynamic or biologic way and it includes both agriculture and farming.

As human beings, farmers and consumers, the Km0 agriculture is the way to go if we want to preserve our planet. This is also called agroecology because everything is related to land, to nature, to people, in order to build a sustainable livelihood.

The advantages can be simplified into:

  • environment protection – choosing to use renewable energy sources, less pesticides (allowing natural predators), crop rotations, managed grazing and giving livestock the possibility to selectively choose what to eat across seasons
  • economic advantages – save money on transportation. Save money on storing. Save money on packing

Things must change. Most of the funds for agriculture, in the last years, have been given to large agribusiness companies, but Governments should start supporting small farmers. Due to the increasing movements of people from rural areas to cities, no one, in the future, will maintain the knowledge and the possibilities to invert this situation in the countryside.

As Baden Powell said “ Leave this world a little better than you found it ”, as small farmer we have the possibility to rebuild the agro industry. It will not be easy, but thanks to our efforts and our passion, we can do it.

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