Photo Artificial intelligence Identification

PHAID is a contactless biometric AI (Artificial Intelligence) recognition tool used for livestock identification and easy traceability. Its main goal is to improve animal health and welfare and to guarantee the safety of animal derived products. This innovative technology is able to recognize bovines with a extremely high accuracy and it is currently being adapted to domestic pets and other livestock species.


The need to identify and track cattle instantly and cost effectively is a daily necessity for all the entity involved in the entire supply chain and is crucial for health, safety and efficiency.

Currently animal tracking and recognition systems require a great amount of devices and sensors which need to undergo continuous maintenance. Some of them are also invasive for animals, putting them in stressful life long conditions. This applies to both livestock and pet animals.

Major advantages of Biometric Animal Recognition

The PHAID system surpasses traditional traceability systems (ear tags, boluses and RFID chips)
in a number of groundbreaking ways:

Avoid theft

It’s the most reliable method to avoid theft, fraud and identity exchanges.

Ensures security

Ensures security and protection of animal welfare.

Easy identification

Helps distinguishing the animal’s race in a faster and reliable way

Reduce errors

Facilitates identification and reduces errors during transport, loading and unloading operations.

Prevent disease spread

Improves the ability to control infectious diseases and prevent their spread.

Improve strategies

Provides better planning strategies for the development of the agricultural sector.

Control over drugs

Allows a better control over the use of pharmaceutical doses.


PhAID is the first animal recognition system, capable of using images of cattle faces, by exploiting AI and Computer vision based technologies through the use of convolutive neural networks (CNN).

Completely Contactless

The technology, combined with the Snap Animal App, allows to identify and re-identify animals just by taking a picture with a smartphone.

Fully integrable

The technology can be fully integrated with other databases via APIs

Remote technology

The biometric recognition tool is part of the Farm4Trade Suite which also allows farmers to easily access to the animals main data everywhere.