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Business Intelligence App for Livestock Data is coming soon!

An integrated system for data analysis which gathers information form multiple data points from other Farm4Trade’s apps. With Business Intelligence every farmer can monitor livestock data and economic and productive trends, assess costs and improve business performance.

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Business Intelligence App Features

Business Intelligence App helps you analyse and visualize livestock data coming from all of the Suite’s Apps. It will allow you scope production trends, assess costs and improve economic performance.
Integrate all your data

Connect to BI from within the Suite. The more data you load in  all the Suite’s Apps, the more you get back from Business Intelligence

Improve productivity

Get all the information to understand which aspects of your farm need improvement and where you are doing great.

Automate data analysis

No need to manually update the Business Intelligence app: the data goes automatically in it from the other Suite’s Apps.

Fully customize your report

Cut off the useless information, and so much numbers: let the charts you choose speak for you!

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